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Colorado Oil Distributors

Quick Lubes

LaSalle Oil has teamed with Amalie Oil Company to bring a full line of oils to quick lubes and installers. 




Passenger Car 

-Amalie 3k

Conventional motor oils for most applications. 

-Amalie 7.5k (pro high) 

A synthetic blend providing improved coverage for up to 7,500 miles. 

-Amalie 10k (Elixer) 

Amalie's top of the line full synthetic passenger car motor oils. Protecting your motorfor up to 10,000 miles. 


Diesel Oils 


-Amalie 25K 

A synthetic blend 15W-40 diesel engine oil. 


Other Oils 


-Transmission fluid 

Dex/Merc III

Universal Synthetic ATF 


-Hydrolic oils 

Tractor hydrolic

A.W. 32,46,68


-Gear Oils 

Synthetic 75W-90 

Synthetic 50


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